Episode 286 - 99 Apfelsine Blätter

May 26th, 2022

This week, Mel and Olly reflect on two interstate parkrun adventures, with Mel finding a local connection at the new Panboola Wetlands parkrun and Olly heading south to visit Geeveston parkrun, while the team take the opportunity to bring a taste of Shellharbour parkrun in other creative ways. Tracey in a Tutu explores and discusses the elements at the even newer event at Elliott Heads Beach parkrun, our Informant is well again and back with the stats, and we get a dose of elections, autumn and a few more fines at Dazzas! And in our public service announcement, we’d like to remind everyone at least one more time to order their Ugly Christmas Buffs by Wednesday 1st June 2022!

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